Dog Treats


Have you ever stood along a pet shop aisle and stared at the tiny words printed on a dog treat packaging, trying to figure out what you are buying? Have you ever read ingredient list that seems to go on forever and you have no idea what half of the items are? How about pet treats that have super long expiry dates? (Imagine the number of preservatives in there!)

You and your pets deserve better and together, we say “NO” to the nonsense that the big manufacturing companies are feeding us and our pets. Let’s change that.

At droolb, we help you source, select and prepare human-grade ingredients into delicious, healthy pet treats. Pick up a pack of droolb treats and you can quickly identify what is in the pack, no Masters or PhD in Chemistry required. Short, simple ingredient list that you can easily understand and makes sense. No artificial additives, preservatives, fillers, and colourings EVER.
Feed your pet with confidence. Grab a pack of droolb treats today!

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