Hold My Biscuit

Hold My Biscuit

Pet Bakery


Established in 2018, Hold My Biscuit was conceptualised from Kayla’s two greatest loves – baking and her beloved furkid, Joey the Giant Japanese Spitz (a lovable pooch weighing 26kg).

Joey’s insatiable appetite for treats caused Kayla to be torn between showering him with love while caring for his health. A Spitz weighing 26 kg is definitely in need of shedding the excess weight, and Kayla is acutely aware of the detrimental effects of unhealthy snacking to Joey’s health.

The idea of baking her own treats for Joey struck Kayla one day as she fed Joey his daily serving of apple.

“If Joey enjoys these natural goodness, why don’t I bake natural and wholesome snacks for Joey? I would then be able to regulate the quantity and types of ingredients that go into his snacks!”

This revelation has driven Kayla to experiment baking for canines. Joey isn’t the only guinea pig of Kayla’s baking samples. Kayla and her husband have also tasted Kayla’s bakes, and they weren’t a daunting task because human-grade ingredients are used in the bakes for Joey. Hold My Biscuit strives to serve delicious and all-natural treats for canines, using human-grade ingredients in its baking process.

If it isn’t natural, healthy and yummy it isn’t going into the bags of Hold My Biscuit.

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