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Optimus Pet

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Optimus Pet® was founded in 2010 with the promise of nurturing and nourishing your precious animal companions to optimum health through natural and holistic products. After years of Phytotheraphy Research, we created Optimus Pet – a winning formula to defend, preserve and create life.


Optimus Pet is a natural, whole plant food which provides all pets of all ages Molecular Nutrition with Boundless Benefits! The micro-vegetation inside Optimus Pet are tiny biological factories boasting supreme nano-protein content, and contain one key defining factor – Gene Activators, which modulate the immune system, control nutrient distribution and optimize protein absorption. Your pet’s body is designed to absorb nutrients from whole foods most efficiently – and Optimus Pet as a micro-whole food has a high digestibility rate of 95%, guaranteeing optimal nutrient utilization! With absolutely no synthetic vitamins/minerals/artificial preservatives, grown and harvested directly through our very own high-tech patented farming system using only organic well-water throughout the entire growth process, Optimus Pet is 100% free from contaminants, fillers and toxins.


Choose Optimus Pet as your pet’s new health companion, and reap the immense health benefits – begin your Optimus Pet journey today!💚

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