Smart Pet Products

Pawbo products keep you close to your pets, despite the distance. Pawbo delivers solutions that allow people to fully enjoy the perks of being a pet owner anytime, anywhere. It keeps pets happily entertained with interactive technology that ensures they are never truly home alone. It also shares the joy as friends and family meet your pets and join in the fun.

Pawbo Smart Pet System

The Pawbo smart pet system includes the Pawbo+ camera, Pawbo Spring, and Pawbo iPuppyGo.

The Pawbo+ is a smart pet camera that captures every previous moment and shares them instantly. A treat dispenser lets owners to reward their pets for good behaviour right away and a light pointer game let owners play with pets through their mobile phone anytime, anywhere.

The Pawbo Spring is a smart water fountain that enables pet owners to monitor the right data about your pets’ health. It has a great design that makes your life easier and records the moments that warm your hearts.

The Pawbo iPuppyGo is an activity tracker for pets that provides all-time activity tracking, and records information about your pet’s usage of the Pawbo Spring. It can also tell your pet’s mood and allows you to set up treasure hunt games for your pet!

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