Dog Food


Fresh Pet Food Even Picky Dogs Will Eat!

Pawmeal is the brainchild of 2 first-time pet parents who were once ignorant about the potential implications of feeding kibbles and canned food to our pets. Things have changed after the switch to fresh food diet – with softer shinier coat, less stinky poop and of course, healthier and happier pets! We hope to leverage on Pawmeal to advocate for better pet health by increasing awareness of the importance of feeding quality ingredients in every pets’ diet.


Quality Matters to Us and Them

We want to be as transparent as we can, and set the standard of what quality pet food should be. Every pet parents should know what exactly goes into the food their pets are eating. Not only must the food be healthy, it has to be tasty for pets as well. If you have picky dogs who are starting to reject kibbles, it’s time to rejoice because you have a solution now! Conveniently packed in vacuum-sealed food pouches and delivered frozen – simply thaw, warm and feed! Watch your pet enjoy eating again!

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