Pet Bakery

Pawscation was founded in 2016, and it started out as a Daycare as our energetic and lively puppy was always constantly looking out for friends to play with. As our contacts and customer base grew, there was a need to buy more treats. It was then that we realize that, instead of buying commercialized pet treats, why not make our own? That way, we could be sure what goes into the treats and know for sure that no chemicals and preservatives were being used.

Tested & Proven

All our treats were tested and approved by our very own 3 Golden Retrievers. Not only that, all our daycare and boarding customers were also given our homemade dehydrated treats and many could vouch for our yummy and healthy treats! We have a wide range of variety to choose from and even cater to birthday parties as well.

Health Benefits

We are strong advocates of believing our dogs are made up of what we feed them, and the better their food, the less it will cost for our wallets and it was indeed true, as our 3 Golden Retrievers seldom visit the vet apart from their yearly vaccinations and annual health checks. Apart from their main meals and supplements, treats also play an important role as it could be used for training as well as bonding with our beloved pooches. After all, don’t all owners enjoy watching their furkids snack and chew on a healthy treat happily?

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