Dog Grooming

At PawSolution, we offer a dedicated mobile grooming service for dogs, as well as retail of ActiveX Spa and anti-fungal shampoos.

Mobile Grooming

We want to ensure your furry companion(s) feel most at home in their familiar environment for a stress-free experience. Feel free to observe our certified pet groomers in their craft or have a chat and they will be happy to share their extensive pet knowledge! Our services cover everything from nail trimming to pet styling, to herbal spas from Japan.

ActiveX Spa and Anti-fungal Shampoo
We are the distributor of ActiveX Spa and Medicated anti-fungal shampoo range that is specifically curated for tropical climates like Singapore and Malaysia!

ActiveX Spa shampoo is a lustrous & refreshing formula which helps with tangled coats. It has mild anti-fungal properties suitable for climates with high humidity. Made with clay, its antiseptic properties make it the perfect shampoo for dogs living in tropical climates. It’s gentle on skin and removes yeast and bacteria from infected, crusty & flaky skin. Complete it with ActiveX Recovery Medicate Spray for an intensive or preventive fungal treatment.

Active X Shampoo PawSolution

PawSolution will be offering free nail cutting services for dogs only for all 3 days of A Canine Christmas. However, this free service may not be eligible for aggressive dogs or dogs whom we deem unfit for the service for the safety of the dogs and our groomers.

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